Norah Finn has worked with people using alternative practices since 1996. In 2000 she trained as a Psychotherapist to add to her work.

Having founded Alethea Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Training Services in 2004, Norah then founded Alethea Holistic and Healing Services in 2010.

“I felt a huge desire to work with people in a way that incorporated mind, body and soul.”

Counselling and Psychotherapy works, of that, I have no doubt. However, it is not the full picture, nor the full remedy. Very often I felt limited in my work and knew that working spiritually with people is where my soul’s purpose belonged.

So as a result of that vision, I set up Alethea Holistic and Healing Services. Our clients can receive many different treatments from psychotherapy, family constellation work, cognitive behavioural therapy, life coaching, massage, colour chakra therapy, spiritual readings to beauty treatments, and much more. If we can’t provide the treatments, we’ll recommend and refer you to the best.

Our therapists are highly trained, ethical, and professional, and all share a common vision, – to bring the best service they can provide to their clients, in an environment that is safe, loving and fun. Our entire team of therapists and staff practice the spiritual practice of Meditation.

“In this life pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

I’ve faced many traumas and difficulties in my own life. I didn’t see then that these events would be my biggest learning in how to work with people.

Many of the most wonderful souls I’ve met on my journey have faced similar difficulties and in spite of these, survived to tell the tale.

But is survival enough?

We all have a right to live a wonderful life, and should. What we are all ultimately searching for is peace of mind.

“Achieving peace of mind is an art. Living is an art.”

Through Meditation, mantras and various different philosophy teachings, I found a way to find deep healing in my own life and felt duty bound to pass this on.

I was not new to meditation, I had practised Transcendental Meditation for 16 years before I discovered sound mantra, and various other different philosophy teachings and meditations.

I have incorporated these teachings and various different meditations and sound mantras into all I do. It is my way of being and has given me and many others great joy in life.

At Alethea Holistic and Healing Services we treat the individual. Each human being is unique. We attempt to help each soul heal in the way that is right for them, incorporating many different approaches.

Working with the body, mind and intellect is the start of the journey. Reaching for and finding the soul is the destination. At Alethea Holistic and Healing Services we work on the mind, body and soul.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and invite you to visit us or enquire if anything here is of interest to you.

Norah Finn

Services provided

Adults One to One Counselling (all areas covered)

Couple’s Counselling

Family Therapy

Group Work

Family Systems Constellation Group Work

Addiction Counselling

Family Addiction Support


Alternative Services Provided


Holistic Massage

Sports Massage



Beauty Therapy

Training Provided

Reality Therapy/Choice Theory

Family Systems Constellation Therapy



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