Holistic Massage

holistic massage



Holistic massage is a treatment designed to bring about a deep state of relaxation and reduce muscle tension and stress. The term Holistic derives from the Ancient Greek word holos, which means whole. By definition, Holistic massage treats the Whole PersonYour Body, Mind & Soul in Unison.

Holistic massage is an ancient lore of healing that aims to clean the lymphatic drainage of the body and eliminates toxins from the body. Holistic massage, in essence, allows the inner you to come through and stabilizes all the instability in your body to help you achieve complete peace of body, mind, and soul.

Holistic practitioners are specially trained in their lore. For them, each individual is different. They assess the emotional and spiritual wellbeing along with the physical body to target the precise spots that will allow them to release their tensions. A holistic practitioner can give a full body holistic massage, that corrects the instability in the individual from head to toe. The person comes to a halt of complete physical, mental and emotional calm.

About the Therapist

Holistic Massage and Reiki services are provided at Alethea Holistic & Healing Services by Diploma Certified Therapist, Catherine Noonan. The ultimate goal of massage therapy is to help the body to heal itself and to increase general health and well-being. Massage drainage releases toxins and generates feel-good endorphins to help the body to relax. Reiki provides an overall sense of well-being through energy healing.

To book an appointment, please call Catherine on +353 87 7461941

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